I don’t know if its the heat here or what, but I’m getting a little tired. So far in Barcelona, we have already cancelled a bunch of our days out. We’re like, eh, we’d rather rest in our air conditioning!…

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Travel Travel Journal

A Trip To Scotland

Josh: Yes, I’m a castle enthusiast, but castles are awesome and loving them is not dorky at all right? Well, Brittany loves the myth of the Lochness Monster and similar myths in general… so any feelings of dorkyness can be…

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February Update

Henry’s birthday was a huge hit! It turned out awesome. I was so happy because last year we celebrated Henry’s birthday in San Francisco just the 4 of us, and this year we had an entire house full of family…

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Travel Journal

Halloween 2016

The kids were SO excited about Halloween. We started talking about Halloween, reading spooky books, telling spooky stories, planing our costumes, and trick-or-treating in August. Oh man. These kids sure love spooky stuff. Should I be concerned?

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