Josh: Hello everyone we’re a bit behind on posts so these will be pretty short and mostly be photos.

We started the day off by driving a good distance outside London to Stonehenge. It was a bit cloudy and chilly but otherwise a great day to visit. It wasn’t very busy there either. The circle is really impressive. I know everyone hears about it and we see Stonehenge in popular media all the time (I saw it on the latest Transformer movie poster even) but there is a special gravity to being there in person and imagining the effort and community it took to place it there.

Henry and Addie contemplating the mysteries of Stonehenge


After Stonehenge we piled back into the van for a trip to the City of Bath to see the ancient Roman baths. The bath house is a world heritage site and is a popular Roman ruin to visit in England.

The drive into the city was stunning.

Not my photo.

Parking was a bit of a squeeze. Good job Brittany.

What the baths look like without tourists.

The baths with some tourists.

It was a great day out. Two major places in one day was a bit much with the driving, but everyone had fun! See you on the next post!