Josh: Yes, I’m a castle enthusiast, but castles are awesome and loving them is not dorky at all right? Well, Brittany loves the myth of the Lochness Monster and similar myths in general… so any feelings of dorkyness can be affectionately shared between us. 😀

Anyway, today we set off to Scotland and Inverness… more specifically a little spot called Abriachan about 15 minutes southwest of Inverness and right next to the famous Loch.

The flight was short, the airport at Inverness was tiny, and the climate was OH SO NICE after the heat in London.

Goodbye London

Hello Scotland

We drove over to our holiday house overlooking the Loch and were COMPLETELY stunned by how amazing the view was.

Lochness out our front door

After getting settled in the house Brittany and I drove back up to Inverness to explore a little bit. Turns out the town ranks in the top 5 places to live in the UK and #1 happiest place in Scotland. Very beautiful city amid even more beautiful Highland countryside.

Bridge over River Ness