I haven’t updated the blog in a while. I guess we are just not the “blogging” type. You know, I see all these amazing vacation bloggers all the time. They not only blog about their experiences and post their incredible (and annoying) photos, but they also review their hotels and stuff like that, and give tips for other people traveling.

We totally meant to do that too.

We talked about doing walk throughs of our AirBnb’s and stuff (TALKED about is the keyword here).

The reality is, we spent a month in Paris, and didn’t write even a single thing about it.


We’ve also been a little confused and asking ourselves important life questions…

In Paris, the question was basically:

-Whats next? (We really didn’t plan well, which I now realize is a poor choice when purchasing international flights).

And now, we have a whole bunch more questions:

-Whats next?

-What is the meaning of life?

-What is the purpose of our blog anyway?

-Are we following our Dharma?


We haven’t really found any answers yet.

But here is a video that pretty much sums up our lives right now.