I know Josh already did some Scotland posts – but we just had so much fun there that I wanted to post my own.

We were supposed to just go to Loch Ness for a few days, and then come straight back to London. BUT we were having so much fun there, and due to London’s heat wave (temperatures reached 94 degrees with no air conditioning – we left some crayons out in our London house, which were completely melted into crayon soup) we decided to ditch our flight back and ride and the train all the way back, stopping along the way.  It took an extra week away from our London itinerary, but I think it was worth it.

We stayed in Edinburgh first, then made a stop in the completely walled city of York.

Edinburgh is the most amazing city I have ever been to. I am completely enamored by it. Oh, and there is tons of Harry Potter stuff there too, so that is a plus.

The girls (minus Addie) over the Loch

Bonnie boo outside of our Loch Ness stone cottage

View over the Loch. We think “Loch” is how Scottish people try to say “Lake”

Yep I’m going to take a picture of every single Bonnie sign that I see…

Footbridge in Inverness

Polar express on the train

Bonnie burrito. Yep!

Edinburgh castle! Pronounced “eh-din-burr-ah” Weird right?

Chillaxing on the train…

Monument in Edinburgh. You had to climb up pretty high, and it was windy – the kids weren’t too impressed hahaha