Josh: Hello again everyone. I am particularly excited about this post because it includes something I love. A MEDIEVAL CASTLE! As many of you know, I can be a bit of a nerd, but I am unabashedly happy to be visiting castles. Yes, we already visited Windsor, but Warwick has all of the charm of a true Medieval Castle as opposed to a functioning estate (sorry Windsor).

The coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

In medieval times true sibling rivalry often ended in bloodshed!

So good it should be on Warwick’s promotional material (give me a call Warwick 🙂

It’s no Castle Frypu (ask Kade) but still amazing.


I could have easily spent days going through every detail of the castle with a fine tooth comb but I’ll have to return some other day for that. We had further plans for the day. TO STRATFORD UPON AVON!

Bonnie is ready to visit the birthplace of Shakespear!

I’m told the man himself was born right on this very spot.

Outside of Shakespeare’s childhood home was a particularly nice spot for some kiddo photos.

We bought tickets to visit all three of Shakespeare’s places in the town… but it turns out that was overly ambitious. We’d already seen a castle and driven for a few hours before Stratford Upon Avon, so steam was running out. By the time we got to Shakespeare’s second home we were exhausted, so we bailed and drove back to London.

The English countryside accompanied us on the trip back to the city.