Josh: So – after reading the title of this post a theme is perhaps beginning to emerge for a certain traveler and maybe even the readers of this blog. A theme which I hope continues throughout the entirety of my foreign travels. Thank you Brittany for your awesome planning and for indulging me with these visits to castles.

Today we’re heading down to Loch Ness for a tour on the waters and a stop at the famous ruined castle Urquhart on it’s shores.

The weather was perfect and the Loch was placid and inviting……………………….

We have arrived at Loch Ness

Wait… what’s that in the distance?

Oh dear god NO!

Just kidding. Rocks are awesome btw.

Majestic Addie shows us the way.

Castle Urquhart awaits us

Not a real trebuchet

Another Gatehouse baby! The holy light of Castleiness shines down upon my head.

Addie loves jails and prisons. She asked to see this twice… but here’s a photo of Henry in front of it because we didn’t grab one of Addie.

Addie is an exceptional climber. Castle guards beware!

T & B Chilling at the Castle

Goodbye Castle Urquhart and Loch Ness