Tuesday the 6th

Josh here, our first real outing was pretty much the best possible way to start out as far as I’m concerned. Something I’ve wanted to do my whole life. See a CASTLE! The day started out a bit grey, but we’re in England, so can’t let that stop us from doing something. A short drive away is the Queen’s weekend retreat, Windsor Castle.



You spend your whole life seeing castles in movies, books, toys, games and generally everywhere. They’re awesome, I spent half my childhood building lego castles and pretending to be a night. All that said, none of what I’d seen before had prepared me for the real thing. It was insane. It’s hard to imagine what a monumental task constructing a castle would’ve been, especially without any modern equipment or machinery. Yet here they are… relatively common in Europe, and a feat of true engineering. Here’s some exterior photos.

I was awestruck pretty much the entire time. We got to go inside and look at the equipment, art, and artifacts ranging from 300-1500 years old. The level of detail, ornate decorations, and care that went into showing off the wealth and power of the monarchs was hugely impressive. Here’s some interior photos. Photography was restricted inside so many of these aren’t mine.

The Chapel of St. George was also within the castle walls, again, the detail was amazing and there’s about 11 KINGS interred within the chapel. Kings entombed right in front of you and underneath your feet!


That’s all folks. Next post will be about our trip to central London!