First set of photos from our Costa Rica vacation!

Just one of many hanging bridges in the rain forest. The girls were to scared to walk on it (because it wiggles), so I had to carry them across.

A piglet on the farm we stayed at. We had no idea how loud a piglet could squeal. Addie wanted to take him on the plane home with us.

If you don’t relax in a hammock in Costa Rica, you are not really living “Pura Vida”

Addie hanging out in the rain forest.

Um, whoa.

Cows in the road. No big deal, don’t worry, we’ll drive around you.

45 minutes after landing in Costa Rica…we are here!

Yep, thats Josh.

Some of the rescue dogs on the farm. The kids called them their “buddies.”


You thought we were too humble for a Costa Rica mountain selfie didn’t you? Think again.

Henry and Josh right before going on basically the tallest zip line ever. WAY above all the trees, into the CLOUDS. THE CLOUDS. If I had known…there is NO WAY Henry would have been on that zip line…

Henry after a few zips. He said it was the best day of his life.

Swimming in the river right outside our door.

Addie trying out the natural jacuzzi.