Henry’s birthday was a huge hit! It turned out awesome. I was so happy because last year we celebrated Henry’s birthday in San Francisco just the 4 of us, and this year we had an entire house full of family and friends to celebrate with. So special and so fun.

Here is Henry at the end of a great birthday telling his daddy how much he loves him:

We took the kids on a mini-vacation over to Great Wolf Lodge indoor waterpark. It was so fun. We will definitely, absolutely, without a doubt, go back. Its got everything you could possibly want to entertain your family for a handful of days (waterpark, treasure hunt, dress up games, mining, arcade, bowling, stuffed animal shop, candy shop, ice cream, Dunkin Donuts, a kids spa, a tattoo parlor (fake tattoos), dance parties, and probably more that I’m forgetting about, or that our kiddos were just too little for..

Cave themed bunk beds


Bonnie fell asleep immediately the first pool visit!

Having a blast at the pool!

Posing with the Bear after getting their candy cups.

The fatigue is setting in.

A mom and her babies.

After our little family getaway, Josh and I needed a vacation. The waterpark was exhausting! So we went off to Cancun. We stayed at a super luxury resort, in a huge room with a rooftop terrace, jacuzzi, and private rooftop pool. It was our first vacation just the two of us since Henry being born, so we spoiled ourselves and had a great time.

Other than the big stuff, we have just been doing a lot of playing, learning, working on the business, and lots of family time!

Practicing piano

Practicing letters

Other Random News:

Yesterday I found out that my credit card had been stolen, and someone was using it to go on shopping sprees at Wal-mart. So that kinda sucks.

I’m thinking about leaving Denver for the entire summer. We will be back for sure in the fall; we signed the contract with Henry’s (and soon to be Addie’s) school for the 2017-2018 school year. So that gives us the whole summer to travel and go on adventures!