First day of preschool!

Henry did great on his first day of preschool! I was so wrapped up in all the new changes lately that I didn’t realize how emotional I was going to be about it. I was holding back tears the entire time. I tried to act normal but it just came out like “awwww you have a backpack hook *sniffle* with your name on it *sniffle*”

I can’t describe how proud I am of my little boy. And I know it doesn’t make any sense. Everybody goes to school, its not some crazy unique achievement! But I feel like it is the biggest achievement in the whole entire world.

Ok, I’ll stop with the cheesiness….

Addie also started “school” at her daycare center. She is going to a wonderful school that is unlike anything we’ve ever been to before. It is more like a little family than a “daycare.” The same 3 teachers are there every day, they cook together, they go on walks, they tell stories, they sing songs. I feel really lucky to have found such a great school that had openings for Addie. Lots of the “big name” daycares in Denver have a 1 year + waitlist.

We decided that it is too cumbersome driving the big huge truck around Denver. We have to park in a parking garage for drop-off/pick-up at Henry’s school – and the truck barely fits. To get around the corners we have to literally go forward, then back up, then go forward again. If someone is behind us, we get stuck. And our truck doesn’t fit in parking spaces, so we’re always parked so far away from anything and we have to lug our 3 children for miles and miles. It really sucks.

So naturally, we just had to buy a Tesla. We had no other choice! LOL

Here’s me “driving” the Tesla (it was driving for me, I’m just pretending here):

And here’s us on our first day with the new car. We were pretty giddy about the whole ordeal.

So, the sad thing about it is, we don’t really want our big truck anymore, at all. I mean theres not really even a place to park this thing on these skinny streets (it doesn’t fit in the garage)…which means…we can’t have the fifth wheel. We decided to sell the fifth wheel first, because we can’t have a fifth wheel if we don’t have a truck!

Saying goodbye to our fifth wheel!

We found another full-time family who was really excited about our camper. They even had a little daughter (3 years old). So I’m glad it is going to a good home. But it was really bittersweet seeing it go.

I think that we will try again in a few years. I think the best time would be when Bonnie is around 3-4. That way all the kids can take care of themselves a bit, so we won’t be constantly bogged down by bottles and putting shoes on and wiping butts.

I think we will do it differently too. I’m thinking of getting a coach, so that we can all ride together and be more comfortable. And I’d like it to be completely spontaneous. The first time around, we knew we had to be near a hospital (since I was so preg), and we planned our trip weeks (or months) in advance. I was really afraid of boondocking because I didn’t want to run out of electricity or water with the little ones around, so that limited our camp spots DRASTICALLY. And when you have a big rig, you are already limited quite a bit on campsites due to the length of the rig. I think that definitely took some of the magic away from being truly “free.”

I would really love to do it again, but without any sort of destination planned, and just figure it out along the way, day by day.

Here’s a few more random moments.