Our first week in Denver was action-packed! Lots of people to see, so much moving around, and signing a lease on a house! WHAT?!

So it turns out that with pot being legal and all, Denver is a REALLY cool place to come camp. Which means, unfortunately for us, that when we arrived in Denver there was nowhere for us to park our RV (I really thought that living in a camper meant doing things spontaneously, but I swear, people book campsites like 4-5 months in advance. This stuff requires some serious pre-planning. I don’t know where these super scheduling people are, but they are really cramping my style). Yikes! We managed by “park hopping” (this is a term I just now made up) which means that we would find a single open spot at an RV park, but it would only be available for ONE night, and the following day we had to go find another place to stay again. Not fun (especially not fun with 3 tiny kids). The weekend was rapidly approaching, and it was looking as though we might be forced out of the city!

We had sort of been looking for rental properties. We were bumming because we were going to be moving into an empty house (remember how we sold all our stuff?) and it was going to be super stressful trying to get a house full of furniture while managing the business (lots of business meetings since we’ve been back in town, our team hadn’t seen us for a while as well as our business partners) plus having no childcare. We weren’t actually for sure we were going to stay in Denver either, because it was all basically hinging on wether or not Henry got accepted to the preschool (he still had a final interview to get through).

Then everything came together in a matter of a few hours. Henry had his final interview at his new school, and we toured the school to make sure we liked it and it seemed like a good fit for him. It turned out that one of Josh’s old teachers works there, so they had fun catching up and it really just seemed like it was all meant to be. About an hour after, I found a furnished house in Wash Park that was only 5 minutes from Henry’s new school. We went and saw it immediately, and within 24 hours we had signed the lease and were moving in. The house is basically perfect for us. It even has a bunk bed for the kids, which I loved because they have gotten so used to sharing a room together (I think they like having each others company at night, makes it easier to sleep).

So now here we are in Denver, pretty much settled in! We’ve been looking at daycare for Addie so that she can go part-time and be with other kids (she is too young to start preschool).

It was definitely weird having everything up in the air for so long (not knowing where were going or what we were doing). But having Henry enrolled in school gives us some roots and a reason to get settled in and rest for a while. We also got the kids enrolled in gymnastics and we are visiting the great grandparents once per week. Looking back, we didn’t get to travel and explore quite as much as we would have wanted. These kiddos kept us pretty busy. But its so nice having a normal routine again. Ah the little things!