Have questions about what we’re doing and why? You’ve come to the right place.


All the amenities, albeit smaller.

What are you doing?!

We’re selling 95% of our possessions and moving our family into a 5th wheel trailer. Once we manage that we’re setting off into the sunset.

Why? So many good reasons!

  • It sounds fun.
  • We’re young and haven’t traveled much.
  • Our business is digital. No need to stay put.
  • We’ve already experienced other living scenarios in Colorado.
  • Suburbia doesn’t feel quite right. We’ve got the itch… the traveling kind that is.
  • We want to take our family on an adventure.
  • In our five years together we’ve tried suburban living in; Denver, Thornton, Arvada and now Highlands Ranch. In our lives we’ve lived all over Colorado.
  • It’s time to get out of the box, and if you look at Colorado on a map, it’s literally a box.
Yup, it's a box.

Yup, it’s a box.

When did you decide this?

That depends on what you mean by “this”. We decided we were going to move in July. We decided the move was going to be into a fifth wheel last week.

Isn’t this all a bit impulsive?

Nope. We’ve spent months searching the US for a new home. We screened thousands of homes, narrowed our search criteria. Searched our souls for what we thought would make us happy, and then actually found what we thought was the perfect house. We traveled to Tennessee for a week and looked at several properties and found a 44 acre farm with a lake, forest, pastures, guest house, shop, kennel, and everything a homesteader could possible want. We figured out financing and got our ducks in a row, but something didn’t feel right. A few nagging questions stuck with us.


Our almost dream home.

How could we commit to rural living on a farm in Tennessee when there’s a whole country around us that we haven’t seen or experienced? What if going to the farm was just trading one place for another? What if we didn’t fit in?

All big questions. The answer was simple. Instead of sitting behind computers making check lists about the “perfect” living conditions like internet daters screening the next prospect, why not go live it? Why not find out for ourselves?

Flying to the top 20-50 locations that might be of interest is certainly cost prohibitive, especially considering airfare and accommodations. Traveling and hotel living doesn’t afford one the opportunity to take it slow, to actually experience a place beyond the superficial impression that a short stay would provide.

So, rather than being impulsive, the decision was quite calculated, and purposeful.

How are you going to raise your children in a tiny 5th wheel?

Actually, it won’t be tiny. Tiny, compared to say, our current house. But it will actually have a good amount of space for what it is. It’s a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom mini house. The kids will have their own room, full of toys and activities. They’ll also have the great outdoors as their front and back yard.

IMG_0547(1)Most children spend 6-8 hours a day in a daycare classroom, or if they are stay at home kids, they go to the same parks, museums, and zoo’s over and over again. While daycare teachers and activities are certainly educational and stimulating, as are frequent outings with stay at home moms or dads, we will be seeing new sights all the time, visiting new playgrounds, attractions, and constantly learning new things. So we think/hope the trade offs between stick and brick living vs mobile living will be balancing.

Won’t you miss your home?

Maybe, although we’ve thought a lot about it, and decided that the suburban lifestyle just isn’t for us. We have already started selling our possessions, and we feel lighter already. The bigger your home is, the more time you have to spend cleaning. The more possessions you have (or want) the more time you need to spend earning money to pay for them. We really just want to simplify our lives, spend quality time with each other and our children, and see new things we’ve never seen before.

Aren’t you going to go crazy being together all the time?

This might be a problem for some couples, but we already spend 95% of our time together. We work together, rest together, take care of the kids together, run errands together. It might sound crazy, but we actually really like being around each other!

What about your business? Don’t you have an office here in Colorado?


Three months in the office was plenty.

Actually, we closed down our office in July. We decided that going corporate was not the direction we wanted to take our business. Sure, you can grow bigger, faster, and serve many more clients – but it comes at a cost. For us, that cost was longer hours, less time with our children, high childcare costs, exhausted evenings, and stress. Besides, it has been proven many times over that once you reach a certain financial level, earning more money will never make you any happier. So for us, its just not worth the headache. We’re comfortable, and our business can travel with us (yes, there is internet on a fifth wheel).

When are you coming back?

We’ll be back to visit frequently! We don’t know when we are coming back. We will live in the fifth wheel until it doesn’t make sense anymore.

You know Colorado is awesome right?

Yes! We love Colorado, it’s amazing for so many reasons, but even those who are born in paradise can hear the call to leave it. Besides, Colorado is a frontier state. A state with a history of travelers willing to leave the known behind and cast their fortunes into the unknown. Most of us are only a few generations removed from immigrants anyway. People who, like the homesteaders of the West, left everything (and everyone) they knew behind. We’d like to experience many of those same struggles, the grand adventures.

There’s about 10,000 people a month moving into Colorado, we’ve got to keep those scales balanced!