I don’t know if its the heat here or what, but I’m getting a little tired.

So far in Barcelona, we have already cancelled a bunch of our days out. We’re like, eh, we’d rather rest in our air conditioning!

Or maybe the laid-back vibe here is just getting to us, so we are spending more time ‘chilling’ than ‘getting stuff done.’

Whatever it is, I am excited about France in a couple days. We are taking a high-speed train, just an hour and a half over to the beaches of South France. We will probably stay in our resort 99% of the time. Its got everything we need (beach, waterpark, food, bar, toddler babysitting) so hopefully we will be able to rest & rejuvenate.

Here are some pictures from Barcelona.

Pretty fountain selfie


Riding bikes all around Barcelona with 3 kids 4 and under? Check.


Well this is just a cute smile from Bonnie Boo.

A place where lots of people were executed. Also, where Columbus ran up the steps after returning from his big trip.

A church. Or as Henry would correct me “a cathedral mom”

The arch de triumph. Not the biggest, but its the reddest (according to our tour guide)

A pretty fountain and statues.

The water is so clear!

You’ve been to the club in Barcelona eh? WELL I’ve been to the playground!

A statue of someone (see, we are getting tired)

Having some lunch at the playground

The mercado! You can’t tell how much food and how many people were here. It was an experience in itself. We all got fresh juice. YUM

Me drinking a mojito on one of our balconies…


Bonnie’s first beach experience

Well aren’t we just ‘beachy’ keen

Josh and Bonnie on the underground